What a beautiful Indonesia… But what a mess in Portugal.

Well, First of all, wow did I love Indonesia, best trip of my life so far… We did some surfing, hiking, chilling and got our Paddy divers license. A whole new world opened up under water, feels like you're flying, Fantastique feeling!

As you already could have guessed, my samples were not ready before leaving for Indonesia. 2 weeks into my vacation, when I finally got the long expected email with pictures on the progress,... wow, I was in shock, these things didn’t look anything like the samples I made myself, I was devistaded!
First they keep me waiting for 2 months, and then I get pictures of these trown together patches of leather that don’t look anything like my designs. After feeling blue for the rest of the evening I woke up in the morning, cancelled the photoshoot videoshoot and party that were planned and designed not to let in ruin my vacation. And it didn’t, I thought about it, but thought about it in a different way. I came up with new Ideas to make the add on pieces, so they are easyer to produce in the factory, and so they are much more fun in total. I’m loving this new perspective. I think things happen for a reason, so I’m going to take this a bit slower and take more time learning in the process.

Malcolm and I have decided to stop the sampling in the factory for now and go to Lineapelle in Milan in a few weeks, I still need to pick out a bunch of materials for the add on pieces. So we are doing this first, and then we will visit portugal again the week after to work on the samples.

I’ll let you know when I get back from portugal with more news…





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