Weeks turned into months... Murphy's law felt like an understatement!

I've started writing this blog for about 10 times now, but every time I've started I thought: "people are not going to believe what I'm about to say this time, so I better just not write it and only notify all the people that had ordered the boots or sandals in presale". Also a little bit to avoid all the questions and comments. 

Well, now I'm ready to tell you all about the past few months, and the hell I went true getting these shoes finally here! Ow, did I mention that the shoes were delivered last week?  You would think, Yeeaahhh!!! well, I haven't been cheering, because I'm still waiting for the add-on pieces, and without these, I can still not start sending out the Kickstarter orders. 

In my last blog at the end of August I was saying that the production was finally ready to start, because all the elements from the suppliers were ready and came together at the factory. They promised me everything would be ready and delivered by the end of september... Ofcourse the end of september turned into mid Oktober, but then the news came that everything was picked up by the transport compagnie and it would be at my home in a few days. Well, a few days later, still no news from the truck, so we called around and found out the truck was stuck at customs at the border of France, because another shipment on board did not have the correct paperwork and it would take a week extra to get here. Man, this week was truly a hell for me, al kind of things were going true my mind, like, what if it was drugs inside of the truck, or what if they loose my boxes at customs, or what if... go on, all the most absurd thoughts crossed my mind... 

Then a week later, with my stomach was still twisted, I got into a car accident, luckely no one got hurt, but the cars had quite some damage... This old lady ran a red light and didn't want to admit it, because she didn't see a red light, quit absurd... At that point I felt like the whole universe was turned against me, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. But then, while the police was filling out the paperwork for the accident, I got a call from my mom, the truck had finally arrived! You can not believe what a relief that was at that moment. I felt this car accident was not that bad anymore, nothing seemed to matter, because I could finally start sending out the kickstarter orders, and get ready to get my webshop online. 

If you now think, happy ending, well you are wrong... 

A few hours later I arrived at my moms house, only to find that only the shoes had been delivered, and the add-on pieces were nowhere to be found... 

I literally had a meltdown right then and there. It seemed like the factory was withholding these add-on pieces, because they knew they had fucked up working with me, and were afraid that I wasn't going to pay the rest of the amount I still owed... well, that never even crossed my mind. Were they really just playing games with me? 

Well, after a lot of arguments with them, everything is now ready to ship, tomorrow the transport compagnie will pick up all the last pieces, finally! So they should be here in about a week... I can't wait to send out all the Kickstarter orders and after that finally be able to start selling! 

Well, in the meanwhile I haven't been sitting still, I've explored some options for the future, Because we are obviously not going to work with that factory even again... But this journey made me stronger, it will make me a better business women, so I think this wasn't all a waste! I've learned from these mistakes, and am sure I'll do things different and better in the future. 

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