Video and Photoshoot was a lot of fun!

What a stressy weekend, but so much fun as well! On Saturday we went out and did some shooting with the models. I’ve gotten a few preview pictures already, so take a look, I hope you like what you see!

The shooting was too hectic, I had to put too much work into one day because of the time frame, and because of that I’m missing shots that I really wanted, so I took my boyfriends camera and started exploring it myself. I’m not much of a photographer, but I’m getting some results, even if it is only to use on social media for now is ok for me. I’ll get better at it while practicing!

Next time when we go out shooting I will take my time, only use one or two models instead of five, and only one location per shoot. We now did two locations, and on theusday I’m going out again with the photographer and my brother because I’m missing pictures of the sandals. It’s no fun to do everything so last minute… but hey, lessons learned!

So here we are, exactly one year after I made the decision of starting this project. I’ve learned so much the past year, and I would do everything different if I could start over, haha. I was too naif when I started, I thought I would be up and running in about 6 months. But this project is so complex, it just screamed for more time setting up!

But we are on our way now, It will still be a lot of work to set up the kickstarter campaign, so I will get back to you all once we’ve launched! I have no Idea what to expect once kickstarter in online, I did so much research already, but I think nothing can really prepare you better than to just go for it and deal with one challenge at a time, Kinda like how this whole process was for me!

Sooooo, I’m so excited now, I hope you all are! we’ll talk when we are LIVE!



All credit for these pictures go to Liesbeth Gavriilakis! She's very good at what she does, so anyone around here needs a photographer? Make sure to check her out!


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