Samples are delayed

Here we are at the beginning of July… No samples yet! What a bummer, I just received message that the samples will not be ready in time. They are working on them but they can’t seem to get the pattern of the sandal together. So now I’ve send them my pattern, so they can use it as a guide.

I hope they can still finish them before Yens and I leave on vacation to Indonesia. It’s not really a good timing to go on vacation now, but it was already booked before I knew what I was going to be doing at this moment!

In the meanwhile I’ve been doing research on all kind of things, but Kickstarter mainly. I decided to start with a project on kickstarter to help me fund my first production. I have some savings set aside, but it will not cover all of the costs, and I rather not take a loan if it’s not necessary. I’ve looked into lots of crowdfunding websites, but chose to go with kickstarter because it’s really focused on creative projects, and it’s international, which is very important for my brand.

Also setting up all the things for the video and photoshoot is taking up some time, I’m planning a fun outdoor party for all my friends to do the videoshoot, I think it will be a lot of fun! I’m so lucky I found so many people to work with me on this. My brother Henrik is doing the filming, and Liesbeth Gavrilakis will take care of the pictures. I got a few friends round up to model the shoes, and other friends just want to help where they can, like tips about marketing and PR as all of this is fairly new to me… But it’s so exciting to learn about these things. Also online I found a lot of help by taking some online seminars, very helpful.

Well, I guess I write again when my samples have arrived, let’s just hope it’s going to be before I leave for Indonesia.

Ow, and I almost forgot to say, I passed my shoedesign course... woehoew!


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