Planning my next Portugal trip

I'm planning my trip to Portugal at the moment, to get all the last details of the production together, like the shoeboxes and other small but important stuff!

I was hoping that the Kickstarter campaign would have done better by now, But it's still quit stuck... Already a fiew days without pledges. So let's keep our fingers crossed!

The last week I've been emailing with a few marketeers who believe they can give the campaign a boost, and I'm sure that they will, but wich one to shoose from the 100 emails I've gotten in the past week? wwhhaaa, loosing my mind :)

When in Portugal I'm going to start up the production already, beceause I decided that if I don't reach my goal on Kickstarter, I'm going to find another way to finance the production, beceause I really want to go true with Paramicha, I've fallen in love with these boots! Also I'm already designing a new add-on piece to add to the collection! My head is full of Idea's to expand the brand, But let's start with one extra add-on piece! 

There were also some stores that emailed me about selling Paramicha Shoes. For now I told them I'm not ready for that yet, but I'm sure it will not take too long before I will sell them to the cutest bohemian boutiques.  

Sooo, good times ahead, I'm still so excited for what's to come! And I know that when I work hard, I can make a succes storie out of Paramicha!

Pease keep on spreading the word!

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What better way to test these Paramicha Boots than to wear them to an Amusement park? Together with a fiew Nieces and Nephews, we visited Phantasialand, It was a super fun day, with alot of walking around, I used this day to see how comfortable these boots were, and I gotta say, I hadn't had any problems, I felt very comfortable the whole day!


Looking forward to enjoy some Pastel de nata, so I gotta get myself to Porto as soon as Possible! Njamie njam njam!


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