Not so Happy B-day to me!

Today is my Birthday and normally we should be Launched next week, but the samples that I got were still not ok, and only half the things I needed arrived, so yeah, Bummer!

I’ve turned 32 years old, yess, old… well, that’s how I feel about it, the whole day I’ve been feeling a bit down, is it because of the number 32, or because I still have not gotten where I wanted to be in life by the time I turned 30? I don’t know, but it’s definitely not my day today!

The Factory promised to have the samples shipped out by next week, so I went ahead and planned the photoshoot, but I’m so nervous that other things will go wrong, and we don’t make it. I also have to rely on a whole lot of other people to get this shoot and video for kickstarter done, and when I get the pictures we still have to work on putting the project together, so a lot of graphic work goes into that aswel.

Well, I’m going to keep on biting my fingernails and lips until I have nothing left to bite… I told my boyfriend to give me some space, because I don’t want my stress to putt a strain on our relationship, and so he did. Luckily for me (read him) he’s abroad for work every week, so I can only drive him crazy in the weekends, haha.



Some weekend qualitytime with Yens' first oldtimer. Mercury Cougar '67. we're both totally in love with this car, but It needs alot of fixing up. Luckely I can do the Interieur myself wich will save him alot of costs. Seems like I'm not the only cougar in his life anymore, hahaha...

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