Make my day

Last saturday I was present at the 'make my day' day that PUUR magazine had organized. It was a day for and by women. A day to relax, to enjoy and to discover.

It was so much fun! I was mainly there to do a workshop around customizing your clothes. So we made some fringes for our sneakers, and old shirts were transformed into loos collars or decorated with studs to give the shirt a tottaly different feeling! All the reactions from the women were so great! just loved it!

Also I had a little stand where I had spread out the samples of the Paramicha boots and Sandals, and wow did they have succes! especially the sandals were very popular, maybe the 30°C had something to do with that! haha. Overall it was a super lovely day, with so many good and kind comments about my work. Somethimes this is just what we need to keep on going!

But there was so much more to discover;

My friend Kathleen had spread out her "Mamzel store"... she has so many cool stuff to discover, check out this link to her store: Kathleens Mamzel facebook group

At noon we all got a lovely healty lunch provided by "De Luysmolen"... Njam njam, it was super tasty! Also you could get some tips on how to eat healty by Landie Housmans.

Katrien Peeters talked about daily styling and how to organize your closet, something many of us have problems with :)

Everyone got some tips and tricks about how to apply daily make up with cafe beaute.

Or why not enjoy a foot- bath or massage in between whyle sipping a lovely G&T

How to decorate your own party and learning the secrets of a good flower arrangement were also on the program!

I think this was a super succesfull first edition of the "make my day" day. Thank you Annemie from Puur magazine for making this happen! 


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