Lineapelle Milan and Portugal visits were a succes!

I promised to write again when I got back from Portugal, and I just did, so here’s the update…

First we visited Lineapelle in Milan where I found some very nice fabric suppliers and I met another agent who is working in Portugal for a few factory’s. So when I was in Portugal last week I decided to also meet up with Carla, the shoe agent, and we visited a few factories and suppliers.

I made the choice to continue working with her instead of the factory that tried to do my first samples, because I noticed that they could not handle this project. Sadly this means we have to start all over with sampling and everything, but I’m sure this is the best choice. It’s better not to rush it, and do everything right from the start.

I will be going back to portugal in december or January, when the factory has the first samples ready. I really hope that they understand everything that is important to me, and that these first samples already are going in the right direction!

So all I can do now is make sure all the supplies are ready for the factory to start, and wait until they have the first things ready.

In the meanwhile I’m on skillshare alot to learn about marketing and PR. So I can be ready for these things when Kickstarter get’s closer! I’m sitting my goal to go on kickstarter in March 2017, so let’s hope I can finish with all the preparations before then.

I’ll be back with more info soon!




Ow, and wile in Portugal I took one day for myself, I called a local surfschool and joined them for a lovely day of surfing! The flights were alot cheaper the next day anyways!

The weather in Porto was still so nice that I could wear my own made prototypes of the sandals, and wow do I love them!


 This flight was almost empty, so I could enjoy the beautifull sunrise all by myself! 



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