Kickstarter Video shoot part 1

Today we shot the first part of the kickstarter video, I was so nerveus going into this, but once we started, everything went very smootly.

I really wanted it to be very natural, so I didn't prepare my lines into detail, I only knew the things I wanted to tell the people, but I wanted to form my sentences as we went. So let's hope the results will be the way I invisioned it! Probably not but it should do the trick. Haha, Seeing and hearing yourself is always a little bit weird, so I will need to thrust my friends and family on this one! If they say it's good, it's probably good :)

Tomorrow all the samples of the factory should get in, So I know what to do this week. All the shoots and filming are planned, but I still got alot of preparing to do to make it a succes!


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