Fingers crossed!

Another visit to Portugal is a fact, a little later than planned, because of the holidays the factory had some delays in the production, so my samples could not be ready sooner... (They say... I don't always believe what they say, a part of me thinks that beceause I didn't have a production yet, i'm not a priority, they still don't know if they are going to make any money on my project, so I can not blame them, I hope after my first production this will change! )

There are still a lot of things wrong with the samples, so a lot of changes have to be done before I get the finished samples that I can use for the photo and videoshoot next month. My deadline for starting the Kickstarter campaign in March is looking impossible for me at the moment, but the factory promised to really do their best to make all the changes as soon as possible. In the shoe industry you never know, they also depend on the last and sole maker, the leather suppliers and so on. So if one of them has a delay, the factory is stuck!

So please light a candle and pray (even though I'm not really religious) that the samples will be here by the end of Februari!

In the meanwhile I keep on studying about all kinds of things that I think might be helpful for me as an entrepreneur, and I’m really enjoying myself while doing it. I’ve always been eager to learn new things, so I like it alot! Getting a little bit smarter every day, hahaha! 



Did I already tell you that Porto Airport has the best sushi? I'm always excited to eat there before my flight back home!




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