I want to learn Portuguese!

Just got back from the trip to portugal, I would really like to learn the language, beceause I often wish I knew what they were talking about at the factory! But anyway, I had a great time working with Carla (my agent) and the people at the factory again!

I left on monday around noon, Took a flight from Eindhoven, it was the first time I was ever at this airport! I liked it, it's small and easy to fligh from. I Hope in the future I can always take my flights to Porto from there.

In Porto I stayed in an appartment with 3 locals (the duques they cal themselfs). They are living in an appartment and rent out a fiew rooms, it was very hostel like. People staying there from all over te world, some a few days, some a month or even longer. I found the place on Airbnb, but as the law around air bnb has changed in Portugal, they didn't know if they can keep on renting out these rooms. So next time I might have to find somewhere else to stay.

On thuesday work started. I left Porto around 9 to arrive at the factory at 10. We discussed everything from the fit of the shoes to the shoeboxes. We went over all the last things that needed to be changed. We had to make some changes on the add-ons and the sandals to make them connect better. This was the most important issue we needed to discuss. So we decided to make a new prototype for the next day. We ended around 13h, so time to eat.

 The pattern makers at the factory are checking if it's possible to do the changes I'm asking for, and they are! Luckely! Haha :P







We went to this tipical Portugues restaurant and had some lovely grilled fish. Too bad the restaurants in portugal are not so cozy as we are used to here in Belgium, they look very much like a big dining area's at a school of hospital.

In the afternoon we visited some suppliers to find some nice trims, buckles and such to make my accesories. We found some lovely things, after picking out some samples I really had to tell my selfs to stop looking, beceause every catalogue I opened, I saw more things that I could use. They all looked sooooo pretty! Around 18h we called it a day.

Back in porto I went out for a walk to the Historic center. I tried not to look on a map, to get lost a little bit, this is the best way to discover the cutest places in the city. I visited some brocante shops is very cool old buildings and just wandered around a bit. I took halt at a small restaurant overlooking the river with on the other side the Sandeman Port house. Offcourse you pay some more to eat dinner like this with a view, but hey, I'm not in Porto every day!

The next day I left porto again at 9, and met up with Carla in S. Jao de Madeira, to visit some other supliers. To take a look at leathers for straps, and reorder the charms I had already made last year. Also I needed to find al kinds of metal pieces to put together the bracelets, but we notices very fast that this was not an easy task. Suplier after suplier, we didn't find anything to use, or when we did, they were way to expensive, so I'm going to stick with my suplier from holland for these things! In the afternoon we drove back to the factory to check out the new samples off the sandals and add-on pieces, I made some small adjustments, but overall they were looking great! So I'm confident everything will look great for production!

On theusday evening I met up with 2 lovely ladies from Holland. One of them I had met at Daydream festival... well, we didn't actually talk that much, but after handing her a card of mine, she added me on facebook, and she's been really supportive of my project! So sweet! And well, she was visiting Porto with a friend, so why not meet up to get a beer? We had a lovely evening together!

Those were my 2 days of Porto. Too bad I didn't have the chance to see more of the city. But I think I'll book a citytrip one of these days to go there with my boyfriend, and discover all the cute places that can be dicovered there!

In the meanwhile the last week of Kickstarter is going in, I will need to make sure I'm doing alot of marketing this week, so we can get the goal on Kickstarer! There are still a fiew people who want to come and look at the shoes before ordering. And I got some questions from some stores last week, so even though we are only half way our goal, this last week can still bring what we need to succeed. 



Random Kitty Kat...


Cleaning the window... looks like alot of fun like this!


Too bad this shop was closed when I descovered it! That's the downside of a working holiday... All the cool shops are closed in the evening when you get back from work, Maybe next time when I finish work urly I can go and shop here! 



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