I’ve found a consultant.

Wow, Finally, After emailing and skyping with a bunch of factory’s and agents, I think I’ve made my decision. I’ve come in contact with a consultant, Malcolm, a British man who has worked in the shoes industrie most of his life. We emailed and Skyped and both had a good feeling about things. So next month I’m flying to Portugal for the first time to meet him and the factory that he has found for me. Should be a very small family startup.
I hope they will like my project and are able to make the samples as soon as possible, as I want this collection to start selling summer ’17, I should have all the samples ready by August to be able to get on the road and try finding a few stores that would like to sell them.

I still have not decided on some things yet… Do I only want the shoes to sell in stores? or maybe it’s better to a webshop only? Or both? It’s not easy deciding these things, So I decided to meet with a few people who have started a business and get some other views…

I’m gonna work hard now to get my collection ready in time to take it with me to portugal. I’ll hit you back when I make it back in one piece :), when Malcolm doesn’t turn out to be an ax killer or something… I might just take a friend with me the first time :D


Here's a little teaser of some things that are ready for the collection...



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