How I experienced the first week of being online with my Kickstarter campaign...


It was crazy busy the past 2 weeks setting everything up for the kickstarter campaign... but I'm still alive! Whoehoew!

The Campaign started with a Bang! Thanks to my lovely friends I reached the 15% funding goal pretty fast! I even had 3 unknown Backers from the states and Australia, they just really liked my project and had already backed a fiew campaigns on Kickstarter, so they already knew what crowdfunding is all about.

But then, on day 3 the whole thing got to a standstill... so I needed to reach more people with my posts, but how?

I started posting some different messages on my facebookpage and noticed that alot of people reacted very positif to my collection and project, so I know my designs or the project itself is not the problem. But why don't people back the project? I know that the pricing may be a little bit high for some, but that still can't be the only problem, beceause I'm also offering very cool bracelets for only €15.

I started asking around, to different groups of people, and noticed that there are so many people that had never heared of crowdfunding at all!

So this is a big problem, people are scared to back these kind of projects beceause they think there is a risk of losing money and never receiving anything in return! This is not the case with Kickstarter at all! When you back a project on Kickstarter, you pledge for a reward in return, this can go from a personal Thank you note or a fun bracelet (in my case) to a more expensive reward like a cool gadget or in my case a beautiful quality pair of shoes that you can style and restyle using all kind of accesorries.

When the project is not funded in the end, the money never even leaves your bank account! So, there is nothing too loose!

Crowdfunding is a super cool way to get your business started without having to get an expensive business loan. I have already backed some projects myself in the past, for some I pledged a bigger amount so I could be one of the first to have this new thing and somethimes I just really like the project but it's not something I need or want, then I just back 10 or 20 Euro's, just to give the project my support!

So yeah, I thought more people would know about crowdfunding, but apparently in my nishe, people are not so familiar with it, and that needs to change in order to get my project funded. So I would say, go to and check out what it's all about! It's really a winwin situation, most projects offer Kickstarter Discounts, so with my project, you get your shoes with a 20% discount on future retail price, and you help me make my dream come true of running my own business!

Here's a link to my campaign (it's best to check it on a tablet or computer instead of a mobile phone!)

Take a look at it, and if you still have doubts or questions, I'll be happy to answer them for you!



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