Delay, delay delay... But, finally some movement!

Hey you all, 

It's been a while sinds I've posted an update on how things are going, mainly because I tried to put my mind on other things this summer... 

Every time a new deadline was set for the production to be finished I got the same news, "I'm sorry, we are delayed"... every time because of another supplier that didn't finish or deliver the products in time, It was driving me crazy, so I decided to not let it get to me and enjoy the summer with my friends and family. I was afraid that if I didn't I would get a burnout or something, and we don't want that, do we? 

Well, now summer is over, and the production is still not ready, over the summer all the suppliers closed their business for a few weeks, and off course not all at the same time, causing the delay to stretch even longer, aaarrrggggg! 

But some good news is on the way, Today I've been working on getting all the bracelets on the webshop for all the people that have ordered them on kickstarter for support, so these people will get notified in the next few days that they can finally make a choice, and then these bracelets will be send out asap. 

For those who bought the sandals and/or boots in presale, will have to have a little more patience, the last supplier that was delayed is getting out of summer closing time, so they should deliver the pieces to the factory very soon, and production can finally start!

It's really not easy getting a project like this on it's way, I think I misjudged alot of it when I got started, I though: let's just do this, but I know now it's so much harder then anticipated. But, I know it's going to be worth the hassle. I'm learning new things every day, about how to manage all this, and how not to manage some things. 

Would I do it again? Yes I would, in a heartbeat.... We're just getting started, and so far I really enjoyed being an entrepreneur, it's all new for me, but I love to learn, and I want to keep on learning day in and day out! 

Soooo, Please have a little more patience, we're on our way, not sitting still, these shoes will be here soon! Can't wait!!! 

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