Daydreaming of this new challenge...

Hellow to you all!

My name in Katrien Hertogs, I decided to trow my life around and I thought it would be fun to wright about this journey. What better way to this than to start a blog?

Sinds 2012 I’ve been working parttime and running a small business on the side, “made By Katrien Hertogs”. Here I do alterations on clothes and leather goods, and from time to time I make a dress or outfit for a client. But I feel stuck, this is not what I envisioned when I started, I thought the dressmaking would be my prior activity, but as it turned out people started bringing more and more alterations, and the dressmaking got a little lost. This also has a lot to do with the fact that the main crowd doesn’t understand what goes into making a dress from scratch to fit their curves to perfection, so they expect to get these beautiful creations for retail prices… too bad this is just not doable here in Belgium. 

At my other job I’m also behind my sewing machine. Together with my boss Bjorn we create new carinteriors, or renovate oldtimer interiors into their original condition. When I tell people about it, they all go, Wooow… that’s cool! Well, it kinda is but at the same time I'm pretty bored after working there for 2 years. Maybe it's beceause this is not my own business or maybe it's just beceause I got a bigger love for fashion than I do for cars... I just know I need something new, something that will chalange me!

Besides these 2 jobs I’m about to get my degree in shoe design. After 3 years of evening education the end is in sight, and I gotta say, I really fell in love with the process of designing and making shoes.

For this final year at school we have to make a small collection, and I’m loving the concept that I’m working on. I already created the concept the first year I started this course. So I’m very exited that the time is finally here, and the collection is coming together nicely! 

So, the last few months I’ve been daydreaming a lot, about how I could turn my parttime business into a fulltime one, about how it would be to be my own boss, to do what I love… and that is creating clothes, shoes, accesories, etc...

I don’t want to let this love and passion go to waist, I’m determent to turn this passion into a new career! Starting today!

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