Paramicha - A Gypsy Fairytale

  • A new Year for Paramicha

      First of all, The best wishes for all of you out there!  * As you may have seen, Paramicha's webshop went online on the 20th of November. It was such an exciting time...  I had no idea if people would even find the webshop, and how would they react to the concept? But I must say, I'm so ha... View Post
  • Weeks turned into months... Murphy's law felt like an understatement!

    I've started writing this blog for about 10 times now, but every time I've started I thought: "people are not going to believe what I'm about to say this time, so I better just not write it and only notify all the people that had ordered the boots or sandals in presale". Also a little bit to avoi... View Post
  • Delay, delay delay... But, finally some movement!

    Hey you all,  It's been a while sinds I've posted an update on how things are going, mainly because I tried to put my mind on other things this summer...  Every time a new deadline was set for the production to be finished I got the same news, "I'm sorry, we are delayed"... every time because of ... View Post